Sydney 2004

Sydney Screening Night 2004 Report (Back to Reports)

Hard to believe as it is, just like that the main showing of the film festival is over. It was a huge night, with close to 700 people in attendance we exceeded even our own expectations!

The films were fantastic, the entertainment great and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, setting the stage for the years to come. But the best thing was the atmosphere, from the rolling red carpet where guests paraded as stars to the general vibe of friendliness and excitement.

And The Winners!

While we set out to have three winners, our judges brought in an impromptu fourth film after the quality was so outstanding they couldn't decide!

The Effie Baker Award for Best Film
"Sweet Differences" Farnaz Fanaian,
Wollongong, NSW

The Sirus Naraqi Award for Most Original Concept
Masoud Varjavandi, Sydney, NSW

The Manutschehr Gabriel Award for Achievement
"Wayfarer - The story of three princes"
Shervin and Shiva Family/Rowan Brown/Wilson Bambrick, Gatton, QLD

"Making Sense"
Olivia Spiers/Salli - Jane Campbell, Adelaide, SA