2011 Gallery

Here are our finalist line up for the 8th edition of the HIFF. In 2011 we have another selction of great short films from around Australia and the world and a fantastic panel of judges. So take a look below to learn more about them and click here to see photos of the night.

The Finalists
The 12 finalist films of the 2011 Harmony Film Festival in no particular order are:


Masala Mama  

Fiction/Comedy, Language: Tamil and Hokkien with English subtitles (8'30" min)

Director: Michael Kam

The young son of a struggling 'rag-and-bone' man, much to his father's chagrin, is constantly distracted by daydreams of drawing comic book superheros. Driven by his aspiration, the boy steals a comic from the gentle owner of a small Indian grocery store, colloquially called a "mama-shop'. Setting in motion a series of confrontations between his father - a man hardened by pursuit of earning a living and the storeowner - a man open to the pursuit of a dream.

This is a short film about finding allies and heroes in the most unlikely people.


Kevin is...
Melbourne, Australia

Comedy, Language: English (6'36" min)

Director: Matt Mirams

Kevin is just like the rest of us, he is addicted to being connected. A simple walk in the park turns into a surreal nightmare when his online life begins to invade the real world.

Kevin is...is a sharp satire on our modern interconnected world.

Broken Wings

Sydney, Australia

Animation, Language: English (9'53" min)

Director: Jonathan Persson

The story of two lost souls from the sky, fallen to the world below.

The Pair


Documentary, Language: English (7'0" min)
Director: Sasha Andrews

Two women in their 60's take on the challenge of going out in a small unstable boat together for the first time. Shot against the backdrop of the river Lea, it documents the women's relationship and trust of one another.


The Collaboration, A New Garden

New Zealand
Documentary, Language: English
(9'30" min)

Director: Ken Zemke

This film documents a collaborative arts project made by well-known New Zealand Baha'i artist Robin White and two Fijian Baha'i tapa cloth artists Leba Toki and Bale Jione. Previously each artist had only worked alone. They found that creating together was extremely powerful and thought trust and consultation they fashioned something they never could have as individuals. Their large tapa cloth masterpiece is a testament to the mutual respect they realised. Working with others produced not only art, but also 'true' friendship. Coming from completely different artistic practices and cultural backgrounds, the project saw them "creating in the space between cultures"

Riding in Between

Rapid Creek, NT Australia
Fiction, Language: English (5'40" min)

Director: Gregory Stehle

A friendship between an aboriginal boy and his white friend leads him away from his cultural teaching. Something happens to make him realise his place in both cultures.


Dining Room Tea
Fremantle, WA Australia

Experimental, Language: English (4'15" min)

Director: Maya-Rose Chauhan

This short film is a re-enactment of a poem by Rupert Brooke called "Dining Room Tea". A group of friends are sitting down after dinner and drinking tea, laughing and enjoying one another's company. The protagonist is taking part in the fun until in an unprecedented moment, time stands still for what seems like eternity and he sees his friends in all their glory and beauty...


Red and Green

Sydney, Australia

Animation (6'0" min)

Director: Geoffrey Abeshouse

Red and Green is a film about the relationship which takes place between the "walk and stop" people at street crossing lights.


White Square

Sydney, Australia

Fiction, Language: English (7'12" min)

Director: Scott Ewan McInnes

An aging man, who spends his days in the park, recreating classis chess games, is one afternoon approached by an inquisitive young spectator. The man relates to the boy a story of lost love for the game and for himself.


Sydney, Australia

Non-fiction, Language: English (7'0" min)

Director: Alex Broun

Jameson is carrying something precious through the streets of his city. Something...

The Shared Zone

Sydney, Australia

Educational, Language: English (8'50" min)

Director: Karen Dess

Modern life can sometimes seem alienating. Perhaps the lessons of the past can help us to better relate to the people in our present.

Cleo's Boogie


Animation, Language: English (6'22" min)

Director: Camera-etc

Two destitute old friends go down the memory lane one evening while listening to music on the radio and remember a time when they played in a band with famous blues & jazz singer Cleo Brown.


The Judges

Gregory Read



Gregory Read is an Australian film director, editor, producer and writer, who served an apprenticeship for his production career in the world of advertising. Gregory established Paper Bark Films Pty Ltd in 1990 and produced and directed Television Commercials, Music Videos and Corporate Films under this banner.


In 1992 Gregory directed and co-produced, with Film Australia, the documentary ‘Photographers of Australia – Dupain, Seivers, He then independently through Paper Bark Films produced and directed the documentaries ‘Tides of Passage’. ABC (94) and ‘Spirits of the Carnival ‘Channel 10 (96) during this period he co-produced and 1st assistant directed independent feature films. For an extended list go to: www.imdb.com/name/nm0713828/

In 2006, Gregory wrote and directed the British/Australian co-produced Feature film ‘Like Minds’ starring Toni Collette (AKA 'Murderous Intent' USA) and wrote, directed and produced the Discovery documentary 'Rocket Compulsion' (2011) and produced the feature film 'The Eye of the Storm'.


Michelle Langford


Dr. Michelle Langford is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of New South Wales. Her research interests include Iranian and German cinemas. She is author of Allegorical Images: Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter (Intellect, 2006) and editor of The Directory of World Cinema: Germany (Intellect, 2011).



Nick Tate

Actor/Voiceover Talent

Nick Tate has worked as an actor for over 40 years in the international film, television and theatre scenes. With major roles in 13 feature films and over 260 hours of prime time television, some of his film credits include, “A Cry in the Dark”, “The Devil’s Playground” for which he won an AFI award directed by Fred Schepisi, “Cry Freedom” directed by Richard Attenborough, “Hook” directed by Steven Spielberg.

He has also featured in many TV favourites including “X Files”, “Star Trek DS9”, “Dr. Quinn ”, “Murder She Wrote” the 2005 runaway success “Lost” and most recently "East of everything" on ABC TV. Nick also has a major career in Movie Trailer voice/overs & TV Promos providing the voice for “Jurassic Park”, “Lost World”, “Independence Day”, “Apollo 13”, “James Bond 007”.

Nick Tate returned to the musical stage in 2006, where he played the leading role of Captain E.J. Smith in the Australian premiere of the musical Titanic . He has directed for television and is currently writing projects for the big screen with his actor son Tom. Their latest film "A knight lost" has been receiving a lot of kudos from around the short film circuit. His lates films are "The Killer Elite" with Robrt De Nero  and "Qian Xuesen", the man who made the Atomic bomb for China.

You can visit Nick's website at www.nicktate.com


Catherine Simpson


Dr. Catherine Simpson is a lecturer in the Media Department at Macquarie University, Sydney. She has organized film festivals in Australia and Turkey and writes on the cinema of both countries. Catherine has a first class Honours degree in English from the University of Western Australia, and a TEFL Diploma from Edith Cowan University (Perth).

She completed her PhD thesis on contemporary Australian women’s filmmaking at Murdoch University in Perth in 2001. In 2000 she attended IFU’s (International Women's University) postgraduate semester at Hanover & Bremen Universities in Germany. Her current research includes an edited book, Diasporas of Australian Cinema.



Greg Dolgopolov


Dr. Greg Dolgopolov is a prominent Australian academic, teacher and researcher.  His primary areas of interest are: video production, short film, mobile phones, documentary, Australian Cinema and screen theory. He describes his work as combining heterogeneous theoretical interrogations with creative media practice.

Greg holds PhD from Murdoch University and has taught screen studies at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, and media and cultural studies at Murdoch, Melbourne and Curtin Universities. He currently teaches Film Studies and video production at UNSW School of English, Media and Performing Arts. He has worked as an actor, director and a ‘spin doctor'.


The Night

The 2011 opening and awards ceremony hosted by Farzan & Tahereh Maghami and was held on Saturday December 3rd at the Fig Tree Theatre. The audience enjoyed a performance by singer and entertainer Gary Sterling. View images by clicking a thumbnail below.

Photo Gallery


Photos by Ryan and Catherine Zahrai