2009 Gallery

In 2009 we are proud to bring you award-winning animation, drama and comdey from all over the world and Australia on the theme of courage. These films were chosen as finalists from many high quality entries.

The Finalists
The 8 finalist films of the 2009 Harmony Film Festival in no particular order are:



Melbourne, Australia
Comedy, Language: English (6 min)

Director: John Pace

When your time comes, will you meet it with a pineapple punch?


Relevé (risen again)

Fiction (6 min)

Director: Sebastian Natto

Bastian Caspar

& Denis Trümbach

A strange looking man is obsessed with taking polaroids of strangers on the streets with which he covers the walls of his room. But his reall passion is something else.

Oh, the places you'll go!

Shellharbour, Australia

Experimental (5'46 min)

Director: Ben Claremont

A young boy plays hopscotch while holding an ice cream. This is a film about the boundless possibilities in life. Will the boy have the courage to win the game of life?



Music Video, Language: English (6'26 min)
Director: Justin Baldoni

In life's hardest moments one can find courage and strength in faith and prayer.


Bottom Dollar

Melbourne, Australia
Drama, Language: English
(9'30 min)

Director: Tim Duncan

A brooding urban fable about a gambler, his daughter's last dollar coin, an alcoholic saxophonist and the murky waters of greed, addiction and salvation.


Fiction, Language: Danish, English subtitles (8'35 min)

Director: Tine Thomasen

This is the story of a young girl, her desire for acceptance by her peers and finding courage and self-esteem to stand up to the challenges of peer pressure.



Animation, Language: French, English subtitles (9'29 min)

Director: Mathieu Labaye

An amazing hand-drawn animation made by Mathiue Labaye as a tribute to his late father Benoît Labaye who’d been confined to a wheelchair for the last 15 years of his life.


Made in Japan


Comedy, Language: Spanish, English subtitles (6 min)

Director: Ciro Altabas

The film's hero (Ciro Altabas) finds out that the man he thought was his father is not his father and his real father is a Japanese man. He doesn't know where or who he is but decides to go to Japan to find him.



The Judges

Allison Cratchley


Allison Cratchley is one of Australia’s most loved actresses. As a regular on the very popular television series All Saints in the role of Dr Zoe Gallagher, Allison quickly became a household name and one of the most popular actors on the show. Allison stayed with All Saints for 2.5 years leaving late 2008 to pursue other opportunities.

Prior to All Saints, Allison was a regular main cast member of another well loved Australian series Water Rats for 4 years playing water policewoman, Constable Emma Woods.

An accomplished actor, Allison has also appeared in many other Australian television series & feature films, as well as presenting in many facets of the industry. She has a truly engaging nature, making her a very popular choice for Australian producers and audiences alike.


Tim Wise

Director & Producer

Tim has freelanced for all the major news networks around the world focusing on 'Hard Access' news stories. From his base in London, where he lived for 10 years, Tim worked on a wide range of assignments for such networks as BBC TV, CH4 News, SABC South Africa, EOTV Holland, NHK Hong Kong, ABC Australia 'Foreign Correspondent' & 'Four Corners", WTN London, DRTV Denmark, Focus Germany, RTL and ZDF Germany. 

During this time, Tim travelled to some of the most dangerous countries in the world including Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Sri-Lanka, East Timor, Liberia, Colombia, Southern Sudan, Burma and East India. He also did a series of filming stints working undercover from China, Kurdistan, Burma and Sri-Lanka. 
Upon his arrival back to Sydney, Tim joined the Nine Network as a Senior Producer working on numerous hit TV shows such as 'The Block', which made Australian TV history by being the most watched locally produced show in over 25 years. Tim stayed on with the Network for the next 6 years, producing many top rating hit shows including 'Survivor', three series of 'Celebrity Overhaul', 'Celebrity Circus' and numerous others. He even did time producing 'Burke's Backyard'.  
In 2003 Tim was involved in the making of the international award-winning documentary 'Child Soldiers' for ABC TV Australia where he spent 2 weeks living with one of the child soldier units of the SPLA rebels of Southern Sudan. In Assam in East India Tim gained unprecedented access to the ULFA rebels, the first western journalist to ever do so in the 18 years that ULFA had been in existence. Tim was smuggled into their secret bases inside Bhutan and went out on operations with the rebels as they fought with the Indian Army. He was also smuggled inside Burma with the ABSDF student rebels while making an ABC Four Corners report.   
Tim has also freelanced for the Award winning SBS TV show 'Dateline' where he reported from Northern Uganda covering the LRA rebels - The Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony, that has abducted over 30,000 children and forced boys as young as 10 into becoming child soldiers and girls to become porters, cooks and sex slaves for the top LRA commanders.  
Tim is now the CEO of the documentary production company One Tree Films, which was established in 2006 with founder Steve Killelea. The core aims is to produce world-class documentaries focusing on social issues. “Soldiers of Peace” is their first film together.


Nick Tate

Actor/Voiceover Talent

Nick Tate has worked as an actor for over 40 years in the international film, television and theatre scenes. With major roles in 13 feature films and over 260 hours of prime time television, some of his film credits include, “A Cry in the Dark”, “The Devil’s Playground” for which he won an AFI award directed by Fred Schepisi, “Cry Freedom” directed by Richard Attenborough, “Hook” directed by Steven Spielberg.

He has also featured in many TV favourites including “X Files”, “Star Trek DS9”, “Dr. Quinn ”, “Murder She Wrote” the 2005 runaway success “Lost” and most recently "East of everything" on ABC TV. Nick also has a major career in Movie Trailer voice/overs & TV Promos providing the voice for “Jurassic Park”, “Lost World”, “Independence Day”, “Apollo 13”, “James Bond 007”. Nick Tate returned to the musical stage in 2006, where he played the leading role of Captain E.J. Smith in the Australian premiere of the musical Titanic . He has directed for television and is currently writing projects for the big screen with his actor son Tom. Their latest film "A knight lost" has been receiving a lot of kudos from around the short film circuit.

You can visit Nick's website at www.nicktate.com


Heather Phillips



Heather Phillips began her career as an Actress graduating from Theatre Nepean (The University of Western Sydney) before moving to Los Angeles where her interest in working on the other side of the camera blossomed. She studied for her Masters degree at The American Film Institute and worked in the US film and television industry for six years.

She returned to Australia in 2000 and is an award winning writer and producer based in Queensland.  Heather has written, developed and/or produced various short films and documentaries including the award winning MOTHER OF AN ATTITUDE, for which she was producer and FLUSH (story development & producer) premiering at The Locarno Int. FF. Recently her first directed short film, WAR PAINT will premiere at The World of Women (WOW) Film Festival 10 days prior to Harmony.

Heather has worked as a script editor on one feature as well as writing & co-producing two documentaries for Film Australia. Whilst in the States, Heather, in tandem with a fellow Australian set up Blue Tongue Films Inc. working in story development on studio commissioned films. Heather also worked specifically in script coverage for many well-known producers. She currently has two feature films as both writer and producer in early financing. The first of these will be made as an Australian-German Co-production. Her interests lie mutually in drama and documentary and in both mediums it is the quirks of humanity that influence her work. In 2008 Heather began her Lectureship in Screenwriting and Producing at Griffith Film School (Griffith University) in Brisbane. She is currently undertaking research for Australian Film student collaboration with European Film Schools.


Anita Hegh


Anita Hegh is well known to television audiences for her role as Mackenzie in Stingers for which she was nominated for an AFI Award for Best Actress. She has also appeared in Loot, with Jason Donovan, Water Rats, Wildside, State Coroner, MDA and Return To Jupiter, as well as the feature film Paradise Road, directed by Bruce Beresford.

A NIDA graduate, Anita's theatre credits include leading roles in Danny and The Deep Blue See (Griffin Theatre), King Lear, Three Tall Women, As You Like It and Pygmalion (Sydney Theatre Company), The Rover, FRED and Duchess of Malfi (Melbourne Theatre Company), and Bash for the Ulladulla Picture Co.


The Night

Hosted by Rhys Votano, the 2009 opening and awards ceremony was held at the historic Chauvel Cinema in Paddington. In addition to our line up of international films the audience enjoyed a live performance by Sydney singer, song writer and guitarist Ben Charters. View images by clicking a thumbnail below.

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