2008 Gallery

This year we have a great selection of finalist films from around Australia and the world which includes animation, documentary, drama as well as comdey, take a look below to learn more about the films.

View details of finalist films, our panel of judges and photo gallery below:

The Finalists
The 8 finalist films of the 2008 Harmony Film Festival on the theme of joy in no particular order are:


The Last Tree
By Moritz Mayerhofer, Germany (6 minutes)

“In a dark future, humans are no longer vital images. They are suppressed to their boring work. They forget about the nature as they become deeper involved in their everyday mundane lives. Until the Last Tree saves the world and humans.”


Less than Perfect
By Brendon Brown Killen, Dural, Australia (6.15 minutes)

Michael Appleton is a colourful character who loves collecting things.


By Roberto Goni, Spain (10 minutes)

Ismael, an imaginative boy of six years, is very close to his grandfather. Together they deeply enjoy the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The magic formula "Open Sesame"! fascinates Ismael, it really

seems to work for him!

Channel B Presents
By Dellaram Jamali, Ballarat, Australia (5.20 minutes)

An infomercial which aims to sell "joy" through a variety of persuasive methods. Will you be convinced to buy some joy for your life?


White Sound
By Sarah Tracton, Sydney, Australia (5.50 minutes)

An experiential trip into sonic landscapes by profoundly deaf Sydney filmmaker Sarah Tracton, "white Sound" explores the notion of a soundless existence. Visualised through deaf & hearing impaired observance this film mediates at the positives & joy that emerges from a sensory deprivation.

The Nut
By Azul Melissa Martinez, Mexico/Spain (10 minutes)

This is the story of a little girl and a nut. It is also the story of a middle-aged woman who has lost all contact with dreams. La Tuerca is about magic, memories and the significance of small things that we sometimes forget when we become adults.


The Pretty Simple World of an Angelman
By Rhys Votano , Sydney, Australia (7.32 minutes)

This short film explores a typical Sunday in the life of Harley Votano. Born with Angelman Syndrome, the piece aims to articulate how the world may appear to someone without the ability to digest regular communication. The final message being simply that you don't need to understand in order to be happy.

The Market
By Ana Husman, Croatia (9.32 minutes)

This is an animated short film about life in the Zagreb City Market and the joy buying and preserving fresh local produce brings to people's lives everyday.



The Judges

Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith is a lecturer in the Film Studies Department at Sydney University. His principle area of research interest is the temporality and form of the cinematic image, the place of technology and thought in generic and formal change and the range of theories useful for considering these aspects of cinema. Within this principle area of research he engages with structuralist and poststructuralist accounts of meaning and its production, materialist and idealist accounts of cinematic technology, Bergsonian and Deleuzian concepts of time and evolution, phenomenological accounts of cinematic subjectivity. Richard is also interested in post Cold-War American and Hollywood cinema, particularly action-suspense genres such as the hi-jack, the heist, and the escape. He finds these genres useful for thinking about the movements, procedures, and operations of capitalised and urbanised milieux.


Faramarz K-Rahber
Faramarz K-Rahber is an Australian-Iranian filmmaker. He is an award-winning graduate from Griffith University Queensland College of Art, Bachelor of Screen Production where he currently works as a part-time lecturer in Film Studies. He has worked across many roles in the documentary industry in the last 10 years. His focus on directing, mixed with a strong background in cinematography, has helped shape his insightful, observational style of filmmaking.
Having arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1992, his specialist cross-cultural knowledge allows him to shape films of religious, cultural and social sensitivity. Faramarz’s films reflect the fundamental essence of humanity through intimate observation whilst avoiding controversy or inflaming contentious issues. Some of his feature documentaries include: "Blind Heroes" (2008, Australia Network), "Donkey in Lahore" (2007, SBS TV), "Fairdinkum Manjit" (2006, SBS TV) and "Fahimeh's Story" (2004, SBS TV). Faramarz is currently completing a feature documentary for ABC TV called "Black Magic".


Catherine Simpson

Dr. Catherine Simpson is a lecturer in the Media Department at Macquarie University, Sydney. She has organized film festivals in Australia and Turkey and writes on the cinema of both countries. Catherine has a first class Honours degree in English from the University of Western Australia, and a TEFL Diploma from Edith Cowan University (Perth). She completed her PhD thesis on contemporary Australian women’s filmmaking at Murdoch University in Perth in 2001. In 2000 she attended IFU’s (International Women's University) postgraduate semester at Hanover & Bremen Universities in Germany. Her current research includes an edited book, Diasporas of Australian Cinema.


My Le Thi    

My Le Thi was born and brought up in Buon Ma Thuot (Village of Father Thuot), Central Highland of South Vietnam. Both her mother who was a maid and the Central Highlanders had a great influence on her about tolerance, compassion, acceptance and appreciation.  In Vietnam from 1975, she worked as a performer in the Central Highlands troupe in South Vietnam.  She came to Australia in 1985 and studied Arts at the Northern Territory University and University of Technology in Sydney.

She has been working on projects with other artists and non artists including the detainees in the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney. Her work concerns about human conditions and in many aspects her work speaks about multiculturalism and against racism and discrimination. Her work has been included in many major exhibitions in Australian, USA and many Asian and European countries. She practices her art in mixed/multi-media in installation, painting, sculpture, sound, music and video. Apart from practicing art since 1986 she also works as a set designer, a performer, a musician, an art teacher and a curator. Currently she is one of the founders and director of Ian Bowie Association which is to help young people in the performing arts. 


Greg Dolgopolov

Dr. Greg Dolgopolov is a prominent Australian academic, teacher and researcher.  His primary areas of interest are: video production, short film, mobile phones, documentary, Australian Cinema and screen theory. He describes his work as combining heterogeneous theoretical interrogations with creative media practice.

Greg holds PhD from Murdcoh University and has taught screen studies at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, and media and cultural studies at Murdoch, Melbourne and Curtin Universities. He currently teaches Film Studies and video production at UNSW School of English, Media and Performing Arts. He has worked as an actor, director and a ‘spin doctor'.


The Winners

The 2008 opening and awards ceremony took place on Saturday October 4th and the trophies went to:

Best Film: "White Sound" by Sarah Tracton ($2500 prize money donated by The Letterbox Man & an individual donor)

Most Original Concept: "Less than Perfect" by Brendon Brown Killen ($1500 prize money donated by two individual donors)

The Achievement Award went to: "The Last Tree" by Moritz Mayerhofer ($1000 prize money donated by Envato)

The runner up was "The Pretty Simple life of an Angelman" by Rhys Votano.

And the Audience Choice was awarded to "Channel B Presents" by Dellaram Jamali

The Night

What a night it was! The 2008 opening and awards ceremony festival was held at the prestigious Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the UNSW and was hosted by Dr. Michelle Langford.  The audience which came from across Australia was treated to a live performance by "Ani Neradilkova" the bubbling life force behind Kiko who mesmerised the audience with her raw, rare and full of flavour voice. Click here to listen to Ani's music. View images by clicking a thumbnail below.

Photo Gallery











Photos by: Julian Seeto