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Our second year running was even more successful than the first with entrants coming from further afield internationally, screenings around the country, an exciting panel of judges, a film camp and of course a huge sydney screening. You can view reports and images from the film camp and interstate screenings, purchase a DVD of the finalist films in our shop, or view below photos and details of our 2005 Sydney screening.

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The Finalists
Chosen from a set of 25 outstanding entries on the theme of woman, these are the 12 films that made the finalist cut:

The Glass Island
- By Alexander Avilov - St. Petersburg, Russia

A subtle film from Alexander Avilov which explores women’s resilience and their willingness to work side-by-side with men in the harsh realities of a Russian glass factory.

10 minutes.


The Arm
- By Bita Haidarian - Melbourne, VIC

A film by LA-based filmmaker Bita Haidarian looks at the issue of equality at home. Nika an eight year old girl pleads with her father to swap her household chores (dishwashing) with her brother’s (cutting the grass), but her father refuses thinking that lawn mowing is a job for “boys”. Things start to change when she accidentally breaks her arm.

6 minutes.

A Modern Girl's Guide to Self Defence
- By Annishka Oska - Sydney, NSW

The city is dangerous and full of scoundrels. So what’s a modern girl to do when she is attacked in mid shopping spree? Use the modern Girl’s Guide to Self Defence of course!

7 minutes.


Make up & Mechanics
- By the Baha'i Communities of Ballarat and Golden Plains Shire VIC

A comedy looking at people’s perception of what a woman is!

6 minutes


- By Sheetal Challam & Adam Lee- Sydney, NSW

Mussu (Woman) Is a documentary that portrays the fight and survival of a Sierra Leonean refugee, Bintu, who was caught in 10 years of civil war and conflict. The film is a testament to her bravery, her resilience and her hopes as she migrates to Australia to start a new life.

10 minutes.

Remember Tomorrow
- By Anis Fanaeian - Sydney, NSW

A film about a professional woman who choses the joy of motherhood and raising children to having a career. Lana begins the day angry and bitter about her life. She has a series of memories which help her revive her spirit and remind her why she’s chosen this lifestyle.

10 minutes.

- By Dikayl Dunkley & Wiley Rinaldi - USA

Zorana, a celebration of life is a dance performance choreographed by Ali Fisher in memory of Zorana Rinaldi, a talented dancer & performer who was tragically killed in a car accident in 1996.

6 minutes


In Time
- By Shideh Faramand - Towoomba QLD

A comedy exploring social pressures on single women to get married and to start a family!

6 minutes


Footsteps Femme Fatale
- By Salman Stevenson - Mt. Nelson Tasmania

The footsteps of an average woman in an average day. It is only through her dreams that she realises that her average day filled with an unhelpful family, discrimination in the workforce and violence is not an ideal one. It is only then that she breaks the shackles and reveals her true self.

10 minutes

- By Jedda Bradley - Sydney, NSW

32 ee explores the life of a 13 year old girl “Nikki” who is embarrassed by the onset of puberty but who through the course of film’s journey finds acceptance in herself.

8 minutes.


Siran's Eyes
- By Karlos Alastruey - Spain

This is the story of Siran, an Armenian girl living in Spain. She uses all her free time to serve at a local NGO with the goal of helping migrant children.

10 minutes


Eating Ice Cream
- By Zahra Newman - Toowoomba, QLD

Three friends come up against life’s mini battles and at the end of the day realise that eating ice cream really is the key to all happiness!

9 minutes



The Judges
Peter Butt
Peter has been making documentary films and television series for 25 years. His passion is Australia’s secret history. Rrecent films include: Fortress Australia, which exposed government attempts to acquire nuclear weapons in the 1950s and 60s, and, Silent Storm, which uncovered secret animal and human experiments during the British Atomic tests.

Silent Storm has gone on to win the Grand Prize at this year’s Tokyo Earth Vision Film Festival and Peter is now in production on a film about the Bogle Chandler Case, which solves a 42-year murder mystery.

Sandy George
Sandy George is a journalist who specialises in writing about the Australian film and television industry. After several years as editor of Sydney-based trade magazines, she now principally writes about the Australian market for overseas readers via the London-based titles Screen International (www.screendaily.com) and Channel 21 (www.c21media.net).

She is also known for her high-profile hosting of the Holding Redlich Pitching Competition, held as part of the annual conference of the Screen Producers Association of Australia.

Mitzi Goldman
Having written, produced, edited and directed films and documentaries for over 20 years, Mitzi Goldman has a wealth of experience in all aspect of filmmaking. Her films have been screened around the world in festivals in Germany, Sth Africe, France, Spain, the US and of course her home, Australia.

Her productions often deal with issues of personal history and cultural heritage and it is these explorations, combined with her expertise and dedication that have led to nominations at Australia’s AFI Awards, films sold to ABC TV, Channel 4 (UK), SBS and an ATOM award for Best Social Issues Documentary.

Mitzi is currently completing a PhD with the Center for Cultural Research at UWS as well as co-managing the documentary of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Mojgan Khadem
In 1991, Mojgan Khadem graduated from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with a bachelor of arts in film directing and editing. Winning a Certificate of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival, with her graduate film "Requiem", she began working in the Australian film industry as a script supervisor.

Moving to Adelaide to research the history of the Afghan cameleers in the outback of Australia, she wrote and directed her first feature film 'Serenades', based on that research. 'Serenades' was theatrically released in 2001. In 2002 the film was awarded the best director trophy and the Bronze torch for 3rd best film at the Pyongyang International Film festival.

In 2003 Mojgan was appointed by the Premier of South Australia to serve on the board of the Adelaide Film festival.

Nick Tate
Nick Tate has worked as an actor for over 40 years in the international film, television and theatre scenes. With major roles in 13 feature films and over 260 hours of prime time television, some of his film credits include, “A Cry in the Dark”, “The Devil’s Playground” directed by Fred Schepisi, “Cry Freedom” directed by Richard Attenborough, “Hook” directed by Steven Spielberg.

He has also featured in many TV favourites including “X Files”, “Star Trek DS9”, “Dr. Quinn ”, “Murder She Wrote” and most recently the 2005 runaway success “Lost”. Nick also has a major career in Movie Trailer voice/overs & TV Promos providing the voice for “Jurassic Park”, “Lost World”, “Independence Day”, “Apollo 13”, “James Bond 007”. He has directed for television and is currently writing projects for the big screen with his actor son Tom. We would especially like to welcome Nick back for his second year as a judge of the Harmony Film Festival.

You can visit Nick's website at www.nicktate.com


The Winners
The 2005 awards ceremony took place on Saturday October 22nd and the trophies went to:

Best Film: "The Arm" by Bita Haidarian
Most Original Concept: "Remember Tomorrow" by Anis Fanaeian
The Achievement Award: "In Time" by Shideh Faramand

And the Audience Choice was also awarded to "In Time" by Shideh Faramand.

The Night
Read a report of the evening here, or view photos by clicking a thumbnail below:


Photos by Cyan Ta'eed