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Our first year in action saw the harmony film festival spread its wings and attract an audience of some 700 people to a Sydney venue

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The Finalists
A short synopsis of the 14 finalist films from 28 total entries, to the 2004 festival. Theme: "Harmony".

(in no particular order)


Wayfarer: The Story of Three PrincesWayfarer: The Story of Three Princes

Gatton, Australia

Animation/Drama, Language: English (10 minutes)

Director: Shervin Family

Wayfarer is the story of three Persian princes who as brothers never got along and it was only after putting their skills and minds together that they could find harmony amongst themselves.

The story’s message is that to achieve something true you must unite and work together. The product of a united effort is greater than the sum of the individual contributions.


Harmony with Business, Art, ServiceHarmony with Business, Art, Service


Documentary, Language: English (10 minutes)

Director: Gil Muro

The life of Mildred Mottahedeh, (1908-2000), the first Baha’i representative to the United Nations, a world renown collector of antiques, sponsor of several social and economic development projects, founder of Mottahedeh & Company, is an example as to how to establish harmony between business, art and service to humanity.


Creating Unity in DiversityCreating Unity in Diversity

The Blue Mountains, Australia

Documentary, Language: English (6 minutes)

Director: Pascal Frouin

In 2003 a National Curriculum Development Forum for the elimination of racism and promotion of cultural harmony was held in Sydney.

The forum brought together professionals, academics, government representatives and community groups from all over Australia to consult upon this important issue. The program was followed by a multicultural concert.


The Harmony CountyThe HC. The ”Harmony County

Melbourne, Australia

Experimental, Language: English (6 minutes)

Director: Ashkan Mostaghim and Ladan Wise

The HC is a social commentary on the notion of a “created” or “false” harmony where we feel happy and secure by ignoring or shutting out the realities or by-products of our society.



Obscure ImmersionObscure Immersion

Toowoomba,  Australia

Experimental (5 minutes)

Director: Shideh Faramand

This film follows the journey of one girl’s dream/nightmare. Drenched within the stronghold of the media’s perception of the world, it is so easy to get fixated by the fear and abhorrent situation of humanity, however take a closer look within your soul and the beauty around you.

This film poses the question – which reality are you dreaming? I decided to explore the notion of harmony within one’s self, by magnifying the environments to which we are self imprisoned. We ultimately have the choice to flick on the television and be engrossed by senseless images or choose to ‘flick the switch’ within ourselves and engage with a true reality of who and what we are. To me it is there that true harmony is found.


The Unity DanceThe Unity Dance

Adelaide, Australia

Dance (10 minutes)

Director: K Azadegan

A presentation by the “FLU” dance group and contains various performances based on individualism, pride and conflict and how eventually the concept of unity and harmony prevails.



Vignettes 12Vignettes 12

Ballarat, Australia

Comedy, Language: English (10 minutes)

Director: Ballarat Baha’i Community

The film looks at 12 funny incidents in the life of 12 members of Ballarat community and how life has its little moments and how everyone should try to get along and live in harmony.




Sydney, Australia

Drama, Language: English (7 minutes)

Director: Massoud Varjavandi

Truth is about a struggle of a man to find peace within himself through the turmoil of his life; from the persecution of his family and himself as a Baha’i child in Iran, to a life he did not choose in Australia as an adult.




Sydney, Australia

Documentary, Language: English (9 minutes)

Director: Parviz Gouniai

A series of interviews with various people and their views on the concept of harmony.



Sweet DifferencesSweet Differences

Wollongong,  Australia

Drama, Language: English (8 minutes)

Director: Farnaz Fanaian

Sweet Differences tells the story of a Spanish boy growing up in Australia, who struggles between his family’s traditions and the values and lifestyle of his peers. His relationship with an Australian girl is initially a source of conflict, but by the end of the film it is the girlfriend who becomes a bridge between the son and his mother.


Making SenseMaking Sense

Adelaide, Australia

Drama, Language: English (6 minutes)

Director: Olivia Spiers

Making Sense is a contemporary tale of people reaching beyond themselves to bridge divides. Bret and Skye must learn to see beyond their differences before they can appreciate the harmony in their suburban surroundings.



Violence = Harmony?Violence = Harmony?

Melbourne, Australia

Experimental (5 minutes)

Director: Anis Khoshmashrab

This film looks at powerful images from war and chaos in the world and the peace and harmony within the Baha’i Community, which has resulted from the teachings of the founder of the Baha’i Faith Baha’u’llah.



A Prayer For MankindA Prayer for Mankind

Nashville Tennessee, USA

Experimental, Language: English (5 minutes)

Director: Andrew Newell

A Prayer for Mankind and looks at the role of spiritual education of the children and its relationship with peace and harmony in the world.



Reunion Was HereReunion Was Here

Toowoomba, Australia

Music Video (6 minutes)

Director: Gknabo

A part film part musical video this production celebrates various historic and religious figures, themes and stories about the concept of harmony.



The Winners
The 2004 winners were:

The Effie Baker Award for Best Film:
"Sweet Differences", Farnaz Fanaian, Wollongong, NSW

The Sirus Naraqi Award for Most Original Concept:
"Truth", Masoud Varjavandi, Sydney, NSW

The Manutschehr Gabriel Award for Achievement:
"Wayfarer - The story of three princes" Shervin and Shiva Family/Rowan Brown/Wilson Bambrick, Gatton, QLD

"Making Sense" Olivia Spiers/Salli - Jane Campbell, Adelaide, SA

The Night
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Photos by Keith Bain