Set up a Screening
If you are interested in setting up a screening night in your area or territory, contact us for more information and a kit.

Last year Harmony Film Festival was proud to screen not only around Australia but internationally in Auckland, New Zealand and Haifa, Israel. This year we plan to expand to more countries and venues.


Harmony Film Festival in the Czech Republic!

Harmony Film Festival had its premiere screening in the Czech Republic in late December 2008 at the Townshend International School.

The European youth who attended the Changing Times conference in Hluboká were treated to a night of great viewing of our 2008 international finalist films about joy!


Harmony Film Festival in Spain!

Harmony Film Festival Espana kicked off its launch in a spectacular fashion in Madrid Spain on Sunday 6th July 2008. The festival had its premiere screening as part of the 2008 Women's Worlds Congress ( which was held from July 3-9 at the University of Madrid and was attended by more than 3000 international participants.

The screened films were from the "woman" series and included:


-Footsteps Femme Fatale “Los pasos de una Mujer Fatal”

-In Time “A tiempo”

-Make up & Mechanics

-Mussu “Mujer”

-Remember Tomorrow “Acuérdate de Mañana”

-Siran's Eyes “Los ojos de Siran”

-The Glass Island “La isla de cristal”

-The Arm “El Brazo”



The Spanish panel of judges selected the following winners and the awards went to:

Best Film: "Mussu" By Sheetal Challam & Adam Lee - Prize Money of 1000 Euros ($1600 AUD)

Most Original Concept: "The Arm" by Bita Haidarian - Prize Money of 500 Euros ($800 AUD)

Achievement Award: "Siran's Eyes" By Carlos Alastruey - Prize Money of 300 Euros ($490 AUD)

And Audience Choice Award: "Zorana" by Dikayl Dunkley and Wiely Rinaldy

We congratulate the winners and thank the coordinator of the Harmony Film Festival Branch in Spain Sholeh Hejazi , our collaborator Nehal Foundation ( and Avid for providing the prize money.


Details for the upcoming International screenings will be posted here as they become available!