Along with the submission criteria listed for entering, you should also bear in mind some general guidelines:

  • All films should be suitable for general viewing. During the selection process, films that are considered unsuitable will not be selected as finalist films. Wherever possible the Harmony Film Festival adheres to the classification system provided by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (View the "code" download for more details)
  • Films must adhere strictly to the time limit. This is a SHORT film festival, we aim to keep it that way!
  • All conditions of entry must be followed. Remember that these rules are there to provide you with a challenge, so follow them carefully to give your film a better chance of selection.

Judging Criteria

Films will be judged on their overall quality, relevance to the theme, and adherence to submission criteria. The names of the finalists will be announced on this website approximately four weeks prior to the opening night.

For more information about judging please see the terms and conditions of entry on the second page of the entry form (you can download all relevant entry documents on the How To Enter page).

If your film wasn't chosen for screening and you wish to find out why send us an email and we'll give you some feedback. Please note that producing films and entering them into festivals are part of the learning process for any emerging filmmaker. It is the practice of making films and learning from the experience that turns you into a good filmmaker not having it screened at a festival. So don't feel bad if your film was not shown, take it as a positive step in your career and apply the gained knowledge in your next entry.