About the Team

The Harmony Film Festival has attracted a core group of volunteers & staff who work tirelessly on the project, you can read about them by clicking below:

Board of Directors
Mehrzad Mumtahan (CEO/ Artistic Director)
Dr. Michelle Langford (Secretary - please direct all enquiries to infoharmonyfilmfest.com)
Mojgan Khadem

Volunteers & Staff

William McGuire (Graphic Designer)

Leah Carri (Media Liaison Officer)

Overseas Coordinators

Sholeh Hejazi (Spain)

Shahram Mansoory (Sweden)

Mehrzad Mumtahan
Mehrzad has a Master's Degree in Art and Design Education from the University of New South Wales and a B.A. in Visual Arts in Film and Electronic Media / Design from the University of South Australia. As part of his Degree he has also studied at Buffalo State College in New York. He is also an accredited teacher by the NSW Institute of Teachers.

Mehrzad has produced various short films and videos mainly for educational purposes as well as taking part in more than nine exhibitions of his ceramic works since 1991. He has taught Visual Communication at Sydney's School of Visual Arts and Figure-Clay-Modelling at the Mosman College. Mehrzad’s vision is to promote positive filmmaking and the principles of peace through the arts.


Michelle Langford
Michelle Langford studied film, art history and literature at the University of Sydney, where she went on to complete a PhD on the films of German director Werner Schroeter. She currently lectures in film studies in the School of Media, Film and Theatre at the University of New South Wales where she is currently conducting research on the allegorical dimensions of Iranian cinema. Her book on the allegorical films of Werner Schroeter has just been released by Intellect Press. Michelle has been an active advocate of the Harmony Film Festival since its inception and joined the team in 2007.


Mojgan Khadem
Mojgan Khadem is the writer and director of the feature film 'Serenades'. She is a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in film directing and editing, and she has worked on numerous Australian films as script supervisor/continuity.

Mojgan has served on the board of the Adelaide Film festival since 2003 and participated in the Harmony Film Festival as a member of the judging panel. In 2006 she has joined the Harmony Team.



William McGuire

William McGuire entered the design field in 1996 after a solid career in the printing industry. Today he is the Creative Director of Wag Design, a boutique agency established in 1999 focused predominantly on design in the print medium. Having worked with clients as diverse as Sony, Vivendi Games, TimeLife, Magistic Cruises and projects like Kings Cross Centre he has asserted his role within the discipline.

For 7 years until 2006, William held a fulltime lecturer position at the prestigious Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts. During his tenure he gained a reputation for being a hands-on educator, guiding hundreds of students in their transition to fully fledged designer. William believes creative professionals can readily embrace the promotion of unity and accord, precisely because they are in the field of ‘information design’.

William is our graphic designer and he joined us in 2007.


Leah Carri

Leah studied Film & TV and Radio Broadcasting in Ireland and has worked with various local press, radio and TV stations as a presenter, correspondent and reporter before moving to Australia. Her experiences also include writing, editing and producing.

She now lives in Sunshine Coast, QLD where she works as a journalist in local radio. Leah joined the Harmony Film Festival team as its Media Liaison Officer in 2007.



Shahram Mansoory

Shahram is a Bachelor of Psychology and has studied in Sweden and Australia. Shahram has a passion for cinema and was recently involved in marketing the film 'As it is in Heaven' (Kay Pollak, 2004) in Sydney, which has become one of the most successful Swedish films of its time."

Shahram has been an advocate of the Harmony Film Festival for sometime and shares the vision and the principles behind it. In 2007 he joined the festival team and will take care of its Marketing & screenings in Europe and Scandinavia.



Sholeh Hejazi

Sholeh Hejazi grew up in an artistic family and started directing and producing documentaries from an early age. She has collaborated with some of Spain's best filmmakers including Garcia Berlanga and Bardem and has established a standard of quality in her productions, which have obtained awards at several Spanish and international festivals. In 1987 Sholeh founded Amaranta, a leading company in the introduction of digital technology in Spain and the first one to combine expressive resources with traditionally compartmentalized documentary stock footage.

2004 marks the beginning of Sholeh's humanitarian films with the completion of the feature documentary (poetic essay) “Camino al andar”, acclaimed by the public and the critics.  Recognition of this film’s qualities was crowned with sponsorship granted by UNESCO for its great contribution to the educational sector.

Her recently completed films include a documentary about Nobel Peace Prize Winner “Muhammad Yunus: an opportunity for the poor” and “Mary Sutherland Maxwell: A golden destinya portrait of the Canadian lady who became a great defender of the rights of indigenous peoples.

Sholeh is the coordinator of the Harmony Film Festival branch in Spain and has joined our team in 2008.