Film Camp 2006

Film Camp 2006 Report (Back to Reports)


The 2006 film camp was held on the weekend of

26th to 28th of May at Yerrinbool College and brought together a number of amateur and professional filmmakers from around Australia.

Sessions included:

"Documentary Filmmaking - Getting your story told" by Peter Butt - Documentary Director/Producer (Who Killed Dr. Bogle & Mrs. Chandler)

"The Shoot" & "The Edit" by Mojgan Khadem - Writer/Director (Serenades)


"What Does a Producer Really Do?" by Isabel Perez - Production Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney)

A Sneak Preview of "Fair Dinkum Manjit" by Framarz K. Rahber - Documentary Filmmaker

"Creating Cinematic Metaphor" A session on evoking themes in greater depth using the specific audio-visual qualities of film/video by Dr. Michelle Langford - Associate Lecturer School of Media, Film & Theatre, University of NSW.

"Using Footage Creatively" by Naomi Hall - Film Researcher

"Building Bridges Through Filmmaking" Sharing his experiences of a two-week trip to the outback, teaching filmmaking to Aboriginal teens. By Mehrzad Mumtahan - Visual Artist/Filmmaker

The camp was a great success and we invite all filmmakers and film enthusiasts to join us next year at the harmony film camp in May!

Here are some photos from the camp